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Cooked Peeled Prawns 240g

£17.00 per kg

Cooked Crevettes 1kg

10/20 Count      £24.00

20/30 Count      £19.50

30/40 Count      £17.50

Raw Peeled & Deveined King Prawns 16/20 Count 1kg      £16.00

Cod Wellingtons

(Contains 2) £5.50

Smoked Haddock Wellingtons

(Contains 2) £5.50

Salmon Wellington

(Contains 2) £5.50

Alfred Enderbys Smoked Salmon

Hand carved per 100g

(please state how much you need by gms)

£5.00 per 100g

John Ross Pre Packed Smoked Salmon

Available in

100g     £5.00

200g     £9.50

1kg       £30.00



(Please ask Jim for the current market price)

Aqua Blue Frozen (Fry) Wholetail Scampi 454g


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Frozen produce available all year round.

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Cooked Peeled & Deveined Crevettes16/20 Count    

£25.00 per Kg


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Filo Prawns 500g


Butterfly Breaded Prawns 500g  £6.95

Tempura Battered King Prawns 500g   £7.95

Chilli Mango Prawns 500g


Marinated Garlic Herb Butterfly Prawns 500g


Marinated Herring in Dill 475g Pot   £5.00

Marinated Herrings Sweet 475g Pot    £5.00

Rollmop Herrings 475g


Marinated Herrings Madeira 475g £5.00


Seafood Mix 1kg


Tail on King Prawns 31/40

Peeled & Deveined 700g


Whitebait frozen 454g


Breaded 3 way cook Scampi

454g    £7.00